The Six Holy Commandments

of the Design Process

Sadly, you can’t just jump to the finish line
hoping for a good design to happen
out of the blue without approaching a few steps before.

01 – [Re]Research

Who you are?
What is your goal?
Would a new design help you?

In this phase of the project, informations about the client needs to be gattered.
You need to understand who he is, what his problem is, how you solution may help him and why does he need you?
If we are talking about a banner, where it is going to be placed and in what scope?

After all those informations are gattered, review them. Is there anything you missed? Are there still unanswered questions?

02 — Targeted Audience

Salesman? Lawyers? Enterpreneurs?
People in their teens?

It’s time to examinate the people that are going to see and interact with your design.

It is important to know who they are, what’s their age and occupation, what they like/dislike and how will they receive the finished product in order to design something relevant that will get you a big “WOW” from them.

03 — Sketching

What are we looking for?

Get your pencil and paper and think about the “big bad” problem and the “heroic” solution.

Sketching on paper is so much more flexible and gives you free hand to experiment and try out different things.

Fill out as many papers as you want with different designs and ideas. Among them may be the one you and you client are looking for.

A piece of advice: never trust the first idea!

04 — Feedback

The Good, the Bad,
the Weird

Just before you jump from the sketch to the final design, select the ones that fit best to your project and collect feedbacks based on the informations you have.

Ask the client, ask another designer, or a friend. It doesn’t matter.
It will help you see what you have done good and what still need improvements.

One or more proposals are selected for further development.

Piece of advice: a good presentation is never a bad thing.

05 — Implementation

One last correction

Open the design software and start creating.

Now it’s time for the specific colors, exact wordings, phrases, taglines or keywords selected by the client to make their appearance.

Piece of advice: create more variations of the soon to be final design

06 — Final Delivery & Support

I am happy,
You are happy,
Everyone is happy.

A good looking PDF document with the scope to present the design will be created.
It will display the design, with mock-ups, applicability, supporting notes if needed, and variations.

The client will also receive files for use on both web and print in different formats.

If at any point the files needs some changes, help the client to solve it out.

Piece of advice: as a designer, try to keep a back up (editable) file just in case.