Yes, please!


Started as a self-taught,
currently studying graphic design at
George Enescu’s University of Visual Arts and Design.

Ever since I was a kid, I liked to play around with things (thank you mom & dad for buying me my first set of Legos).
I think that’s where my passion for creating and finding new solutions have roots.

And as an introverted I loved the idea of expressing myself in a way “out of the box” (that’s what “How do you make a triangle without drawing a line?” means after all).

The beginning

When I was 16 years old, I created my first logo for a contest on DigitalPoint’s forum.
It was something really small and easy to do and I don’t know if the logo is still in use today, but hey… That was my first paid job and that’s when I started to play around with shapes and colours in Adobe Illustrator and to create artworks (even if they sucked at that time) in Adobe Photoshop, but I polished my skills when I applied as a graphic designer at and later at, both of them being websites that promoted artists form various music genders.

And University came

Later, in 2018, I was put in the situation to choose what I want to do next, since I just finished high school. And by so, I got to become a graphic design student at George Enescu’s University of Visual Arts and Design, Romania.

Also, during the 2018’s summer, I got my first full-time job as a typographer at, where I learned the hard way what is the difference between RGB and CMYK, what does 72DPI and 300DPI means, how to do a close analyse of the design and how good design should look.

At university, I had the opportunity to deepen the knowledge I had learned within the company AmbraSign, to experiment with new design softwares and tools and to let my creativity free so I can create new and innovative solutions for my homeworks.

With a bunch of papers that wait for me to sketch on them and my laptops and graphic tablet, I try to do something everyday, to expriment with hand lettering, colours, tools and in my spare time, I charge my batteries sketching, playing video games, reading about conspirational theories, trying to learn something new, or simply sleeping since I don’t get to see my bad too often during the week.

What about
the future?

The future?
Oh, well… That’s a long list, mate.

From learning 3D design and illustrating a children’s book (so one day I can tell
my childrens and nephews: “Yo, son. I did that!”) to having my own creative hub/agency.

We should work together?